The Advantage of Using Rotor Turning Services in Fall River

The Advantage of Using Rotor Turning Services in Fall River

Rotor Turning ServicesThere are many advantages to doing work for yourself on your vehicle or finding new ways to extend the life of car parts even when they have become damaged. One way to reap the benefits of this type of practice is to hire out rotor turning services when you install new brake pads. Rotor turning services can help your rotors to return to like-new condition, restoring the friction surface that was lost when the brake pads wore down. There are some instances where the rotors are worn down too far to meet the minimum safety standards in Fall River, but if there’s enough thickness left to resurface, you should definitely consider it. Even the cost to have your rotors turned by a professional will be a fraction of the cost associated with having to replace them.

Good Rotors vs Bad Rotors
Unless you have used rotor turning services before on the same parts, chances are good that you will be able to use rotor turning services when you install new brake pads. Due to rising costs in labor and materials, many vehicle owners are opting to resurface their rotors instead of replacing them, putting off replacement costs to the next time that they have to install new brake pads. Your rotors should last longer than your brake pads, however if you let your brake repairs go too long or heard a grinding noise when you were stopping, you might have some underlying issues that would prevent them from being turned at your local auto parts and service in Fall River.

Some of the ways that rotors can go bad beyond repair include:

  • cracked rotors
  • deep grooves
  • hard spots
  • structural defects
  • severe rusting
  • previously resurfaced rotors
  • too thin for rotor turning services

Bring your vehicle in to LaCava Brothers Auto Parts & Supply for a brake inspection. Our team members can let you know whether or not rotor turning services are right for you. We also offer free battery testing in Fall River, as well as free windshield wiper installations whenever you purchase a set of wipers at our local store. When you come in to check and see if you need to install new brakes or could use rotor turning services, we will evaluate your brake system and let you know what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Other Causes for Rotor Issues
In addition to basic wear and tear, or with the car owner not taking time to install new brake pads when the warning signs appeared, there may be other reasons for cracks and other issues that cannot benefit from rotor turning services. Some manufacturers do not make rotors of the same quality as other manufacturers, while others have issues in the casting configuration that cause them to be problematic on their own. Different manufacturers of vehicles will also use different configurations to help optimize the cooling of the rotors for special applications, so if the wrong rotors are installed on the vehicle, there could be issues with noise or cooling problems.

Cheaper quality rotors will use a standard cooling configuration. What this does is simplify the process for casting and helps to make it easier to consolidate the part numbers. Unfortunately, this often results in reduced performance for cooling by as much as 10 percent. Hot rotors will shorten the life of the brake pads, causing the vehicle owner to have to install new brake pads more often. If brake pads aren’t inspected and replaced when they should be, damage can occur to the rotors beyond what rotor turning services can repair. And, with an inferior product, the vehicle owner would be better to just replace anyway with new automotive parts and service in Fall River.

LaCava Brothers Auto Parts & Supply
If you live or work in the South Coast area and you are in need of rotor turning services, take a look at the professional services provided at LaCava Brothers in Fall River, MA. We provide a wide variety of other services as well, including free battery testing in Fall River at our local store on Bedford Street and free installation of windshield wiper blades with every pair that is sold. If you are interested in learning how to install new brake pads, we carry a large selection of pads and parts that can help you to get the job done. If you need automotive parts and service in Fall River, give LaCava Brothers Auto Supply a call at 508-676-1951 to find out about our hours or to learn more about the services that we provide.

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