Resurface or Replace: Rotor Turning Services in Fall River

Resurface or Replace: Rotor Turning Services in Fall River

resurfacing-rotorsThe sound of squeaking or grinding brakes. It isn’t just a signal that you will soon be spending an afternoon at the repair shop to install new brake pads, but that you will likely be replacing your rotors as well. There is a trend lately in the brake servicing industry where car owners are being told that they need to replace their rotors even when they still have a lot of life left in them.

Part of this trend is in providing top notch customer service. Many auto shops don’t want customers coming back a few weeks or months later to complain about a brake job, so they just change and charge for everything up front. Another part of this trend is the unwillingness of the service center to provide rotor turning services.

What Are Rotor Turning Services?
LaCava Automotive Parts and Service in Fall River provides our customers with a wide range of products, parts and service as part of our overall comprehensive approach to doing business. Not only do we offer free essential services, such as free battery testing and free windshield wiper installation, but we also provide a couple of other very important services. One of those services is rotor turning services.

Rotor turning or resurfacing, is a service that can be used to restore the friction surface on rotors that are worn, to an almost like-new condition. This service can be provided in most cases, however if the rotors are extremely worn, have been resurfaced or turned before, have cracks or deep grooves, are rusted, have hard spots or have structural defects.

Some service centers that offer brake servicing in Fall River might not be as experienced in rotor turning services as we are at LaCava Brothers. This could be why they might shy away from resurfacing and push replacement instead. If the rotors aren’t turned properly, they will have issues. The customer will feel the problem every single time he hits the brakes. To avoid conflict with customers, many brake servicing businesses will simply replace the rotors rather than even consider using rotor turning services, either in-house or by a third party.

What You Need to Know
The condition of your rotors and the need to replace instead of simply resurfacing can depend on several different factors. The quality of the rotors that are on your vehicle right now, the area that you live in and the conditions that you drive, can all have an affect on the rotors themselves. Hard spots, surface pitting and cracks can occur well before any warranties have expired due to a lot of factors. In fact, when you come in to install new brake pads even under 50,000 miles, it is possible to see severe rusting and other types of damage on rotors that are beyond repair.

When you bring your vehicle to LaCava Brothers Automotive Parts and Service in Fall River, you can rest assured that we will provide you with professional rotor turning services and replacement. If you ask for resurfacing but our technicians believe that your damage is beyond repair, they will tell you so. We won’t just arbitrarily tell you to get new rotors when you install new brake pads, but we will be honest with you when you come in for brake servicing in Fall River. Ask to speak with one of our technicians when you come in for a consult and find out about the condition of your rotors.

Signs That Rotors are Bad
There are also ways that drivers can tell if their rotors are bad. One of the most common symptoms that driver will usually notice first is a shudder or pulse feeling in the brake pedal. This indicates that the rotor is either worn out, has a variation in the thickness, has some dirt, dust or rust between the rotor and the hub, or that distortion has occurred due to over or uneven torquing of the lug nuts.

If you suspect that you are in need of brake servicing in Fall River, bring your car or truck in to LaCava Brothers Auto Parts and Supply. Ask about our rotor turning services or get a FREE quote on what it will cost to install new brake pads, if you need them. You can come by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River or just give us a call at 508-676-1951. Our team of highly trained and experienced customer service technicians and mechanics can help you get the service you need at a price you can afford.

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