Hydraulic Hoses & Services at LaCava Auto Parts in South Mass

Hydraulic Hoses & Services at LaCava Auto Parts in South Mass

hydraulic-hose-servicingA hydraulic system is used in many different types of equipment and machinery, including trucks, tractors and farm equipment. It uses compressed fluid to transfer force that is applied from one point to another point. Understanding the important part that hydraulic hoses play in the everyday use of equipment that relies on a hydraulic system can help machinists, farmers and other equipment owners and users stay on top of essential hydraulic hose services for the safety and longevity of the equipment.

The Parts of a Hydraulic System
In addition to the hoses, which play the important role of transferring that compressed fluid within the overall system, there are other parts of note that should be acknowledged and understood for a better appreciation of the hydraulic system. For example, the reservoir is the area where the non-pressurized hydraulic fluids are stored. In most cases, this fluid is a hydraulic oil. When it is pressurized and flowing through the hydraulic hoses, it can be extremely dangerous if one of those hoses were to burst.

LaCava Auto Parts provides a wide variety of Fall River auto parts and services, including 24/7 hydraulic hose services. Keeping your system clean and free of debris will help keep it running smoothly for a longer period of time without requiring repairs or extreme maintenance. The hydraulic oil is pushed through a filter to collect impurities while it pumps through the system, but it still needs to be checked and cleaned from time to time.

The fluid is pushed through the hydraulic hoses from the reservoir to the hydraulic system. It significantly raises the energy level of the fluid, simply by raising its pressure. The power source for the pump comes from a motor. Within the hydraulic cylinder, the pressurized fluids act on the rod and piston and each stroke of the cylinder works to convert the pressure into force. While the rod and piston are extending, the oil level within the reservoir falls. Once they retract, the fluid returns. This is why good maintenance and servicing of hydraulic hoses at your local Fall River auto parts and services is important.

As you can imagine, the hydraulic oil or fluid within the system gets very hot after being under all of that pressure. The metal walls of the hydraulic reservoir work to cool down the fluid by allowing all of that generated heat to escape. As the pressure reduces in the reservoir, any air that is trapped or dissolved within the fluid is allowed to escape as well. This is important, because if the cylinders compress any air bubbles, the efficiency of the entire hydraulic system will be reduced.

Getting the Right Parts
When it comes to hydraulic hose services, it pays to work with an experienced service provider like LaCava Auto Parts that can get the job done right. We believe strongly that quality hydraulic hoses are an essential part of any vehicle or equipment system, so we only deal in hydraulic hoses that provide the very best fluid conveyance system. Gates is the only brand of hoses that we deal in, as they have been the leader in hydraulic hoses since 1911. We also work with MegaCrimp couplings because they provide 500 percent better corrosion resistance than other brands.

As your leading Fall River auto parts and services store, we offer our customers a wide range of hoses in a variety of pressure ranges, resistance to abrasion and performance types. It is important to choose the right size of hydraulic hoses when you get hydraulic hose services. If the hose is too small, the oil will flow at too high of a rate of speed. If the hose is too large, the installation will cost too much and won’t be any better. Specifications vary by the manufacturer of the equipment or machinery, so it is important to adjust accordingly and get hydraulic hoses that are designed for those ratings.

LaCava Auto Parts in Fall River, MA
If you are in need of hydraulic hose services or would like to purchase top quality Gates hydraulic hoses, come by LaCava Auto Parts. We are the number one Fall River auto parts and services and have built ourselves a solid reputation for over 70 years in the local area. We take pride in providing our customers with the very best in top quality parts and services. Come by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River or by calling us at 508-676-1951.

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