Essential Winter Fluids at the Auto Supply in Fall River, MA

Essential Winter Fluids at the Auto Supply in Fall River, MA

winter-fluids-fall-riverIt is important to take care of your car or truck all year long, but especially in the middle of a New England winter. Your local auto parts store can help you with all of the winter fluids, maintenance products and even free battery testing in Fall River that you need to make sure that your vehicle will be ready for anything. Staying on top of seasonal maintenance can help prevent you from getting stuck in bad weather or from wishing you had taken the time to take better care of your car or truck.

Learning how to drive on the snow and ice in Massachusetts is one thing, but learning how to prepare your vehicle is another. If you aren’t used to the extreme temperatures, snow, ice and slush of the local area, make sure to speak with one of the customer service agents or mechanics at your local LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River. We can help you know what needs to be done to keep your vehicle running even when it’s freezing cold outside. Make sure to take the necessary steps to protect your car or truck from winter damage.

Top Fluids You Need to Know
Specialized winter fluids designed for cars, trucks and heavy machinery, will help to keep things running smoothly when the temperature drops. Love it or hate it, winter means a little bit of extra work for car owners, as things like winter fluids need to be added, checked and maintained throughout the season. Before freezing temperatures hit, you should take the time to make sure that your vehicle is properly prepared.

  • ANTIFREEZE – Most car owners are well aware that this is an important winter fluid, but unfortunately not everyone knows what it does. When it comes to taking care of your car, which is responsible for getting you, your friends and your family safely from one point to another, the more you can learn about what things do, the better. The job of antifreeze is to protect your engine from freezing. It is important to make sure that you have enough antifreeze to prevent water from freezing. LaCava Brothers has a wide range of antifreeze for you to choose from in all of the top well-known name brands.
  • OIL – Everyone knows how important it is to keep up on oil changes, but did you know that when you live in a cold weather region like Massachusetts that it can be easier to start your vehicle in freezing temperatures if you switch to an oil that is full-synthetic? Conventional oil requires time to warm up, which is what the term “warm up the car” really means – it’s not about the heater for people comfort. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, flows freer at lower temperatures and can aid in cold starts, protecting your engine even in a New England winter. Synthetic oil is specially formulated to contain additives that improve the cleaning and wear properties of the engine.
  • WIPER FLUID – When you get caught in the middle of a snow, ice or rain storm you need to make sure that you can clean off your windows. A good quality wiper fluid from LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River should be used year-round, but in the mid-fall through spring you should consider adding a de-icer to your windshield washer fluid tank. Special chemicals work within the de-icer to remove frost and light ice from your windshield without requiring you to get out with a scraper. This can save you time and prevent you from having to stand out in the freezing cold for even a moment longer.
  • OTHER DE-ICING FLUIDS – When you visit your local auto parts store, you will also see other products that can be used to remove ice. Lock de-icer is used to remove ice from the locks on your vehicle. It also lubricates the door locks, preventing them from getting frozen as easily in the future and making them easier to use. Spray windshield de-icer can be used in conjunction with a scraper to make thicker spots of ice easier to remove so you can see out of your windows and drive safely.
  • FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER – You can add this important fluid to your gas tank when you fill up to protect your fuel system. The fuel injector cleaner cleans up the injectors, which can result in improved fuel mileage and helps to eliminate common problems, such as difficulty starting or rough idling. If water is present in your fuel system in the winter, it can freeze. If you purchase a fuel injector cleaner that includes a fuel system antifreeze, it will remove the water from the fuel system and protect it from freezing even in the coldest weather. Ask your local auto parts store about name brand fluids that can provide you with this kind of protection.

Visit LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River
Come by your local auto parts store to take a look at all of the winter fluids, tools and other products available to help keep your car or truck running great this winter season. LaCava Brothers can also help you by providing free battery testing in Fall River to prevent you from getting stuck with a dead battery after work or at a shopping mall. Give us a call today at 508-676-1951 or stop by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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