Why You Should Be Buying Your Parts Local in Fall River, MA

Why You Should Be Buying Your Parts Local in Fall River, MA

buy-local-auto-partsIn this day and age, it’s pretty easy to just go online and look up the parts you need for your vehicle and place an order. Basic auto repair and maintenance of your vehicle will usually require you to replace certain parts over time. While you can purchase these parts online and just have them handy for when you need them, you can also purchase your car parts and accessories locally at LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River, MA. Residents of the South Coast area, which includes Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, benefit from coming into a local store to deal face to face with a neighborhood retailer.

Instant Gratification
One of the most obvious advantages of working with a local supplier is that you get the car parts and accessories you want immediately when you walk into the store and purchase them. Instead of having to wait a couple days or a couple of weeks for parts from those online sites or catalogs, your local auto parts store will typically have most items in stock and ready to go. If you know that you have hard-to-find parts or your vehicle is not a commonly stocked vehicle for maintenance and repair parts, consider calling LaCava Brothers to find out if they have your item in stock and, if not, how long it would take for them to get in-store. In most cases, an auto parts store will receive parts from a dealer or supplier much faster than a consumer, so it will still be much faster than ordering it yourself.

Bonus Services
Another perk of working with your local auto parts in Fall River, MA is the bonus services that they provide. Free battery testing in Fall River is available at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and they will even put on your brand new windshield wipers for you when you purchase a pair from their store. These small, yet very important services, cannot be provided online or through a catalog supplier. In addition to these free services, LaCava Brothers also has low-cost rotor turning and hydraulic hose services available seven days a week.

No Shipping Charges
When you are buying car parts and accessories, the fees and costs can really add up fast. Purchasing online or through a catalog means paying for shipping charges, as the heavy weight of most car parts usually means no free shipping. When you come in to your local store, all you pay for is the part and the tax. Avoiding the shipping and handling charges means that you are already coming out ahead, saving your ten or twenty dollars and more, depending on the part that you buy.

Real Life Assistance
If you have a question about any of the parts you purchase at LaCava Brothers, you can speak with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable customer service agents to ask about your car parts and accessories face to face. Helping you with free battery testing in Fall River is just the start, if you are in need of a new battery, battery cables or terminal cleaners, you can purchase them right there and be on your way. Our helpful team members can also give you advice that just might save you money on a new battery or help you avoid making a replacement all together. Being able to ask questions from a live person instead of chatting online or over the phone can really make all the difference.

Quick Exchanges and Returns
If something happens and you realize you purchased the wrong part or if you no longer need the part, making an exchange or a return at your local auto parts in Fall River, MA is much faster than shipping back the original part and waiting for the new part to come back. LaCava Brothers can also provide you with a refund, when applicable, on something that you return without a long waiting period that you might experience with an online or catalog order. You also won’t have to pay shipping costs to ship it back and then shipping costs again when the new part comes back to you.

Come Visit LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River, MA
If you are in need of car parts and accessories or service for your vehicle, look no further than LaCava Brothers Auto Supply. We have been providing top quality parts and services in the South Coast area for more than 70 years. Visit us at our Fall River location on Bedford Street or give us a call at 508-676-1951.

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