Top Quality Hydraulic Hose Services in the Westport, MA Area

Top Quality Hydraulic Hose Services in the Westport, MA Area

hydraulic-hose-servicesIn the simplest sense of terms, a hydraulic hose is the basic means for the transportation of fluid from one component to another. It is used in transportation vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, industrial machines and in many other industries. We depend on hydraulic hoses in many ways. They have become an essential part of our lives for the use of many different types of equipment. Solid tubes could be used to transport the fluid, however they are not flexible like hoses, which make the more inconvenient and much less efficient. Hydraulic hoses, which can be purchased at your local Westport auto parts store, can bend around corners, be made to go through tight spaces and also be placed across long distances.

Many Different Types of Hoses
When you visit your local Fall River, MA car parts store, you will most likely see that there are many different types of hydraulic hoses. In fact, your local auto parts store will usually carry a variety of sizes and types. LaCava Brothers Auto Parts Store is proud to exclusively carry Gates hydraulic hoses. Our hydraulic hose services are available seven days a week in order to meet the demands of our customers. We only use Gates hydraulic hoses, which have been around since 1911, because they are the most trusted name in the industry.

In addition to Gates hydraulic hoses, we also carry MegaCrimp couplings, which offer 500 percent better corrosion resistance than their competitors. Our team at the area Westport auto parts store can help customers with hydraulic hose services for industry equipment, farm equipment, heavy duty equipment and much more. We offer a wide range of pressure ranges in all of our Gates hydraulic hoses, as well as varieties of abrasion resistance. All of the hoses that we sell or provide in our hydraulic hose services are long-lasting, high performance parts.

SAE Standards for Hydraulic Hoses
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has established a standard for hydraulic hoses that are used all over the world, even right here locally when you purchase Fall River, MA car parts and hydraulics. They are used to define the various styles of hydraulic hoses, according to dimensional and performance characteristics, which have been set by the SAE. Most of the hydraulic hoses that are sold have three main parts, which includes an inner tube that is used to carry the liquid, a reinforcement layer and, a protective outer later.

  • The inner tube is required to have flexibility and must be compatible with the type of fluid that it will be used to carry.
  • The reinforcement layer consists of a sheath that is made from textile yard, spiral wound wire or braided wire.
  • The outer layer must be designed to be resistant to weather, abrasion or oil, depending on the environment it was designed to be used in – such as automotive, industrial, etc.

Replacing Hydraulic Hoses
Because of the amount of wear and tear, as well as the conditions they are used in, hydraulic hoses can’t last forever, regardless of the high quality or the brand. Hydraulic hose services, such as the ones that are available through LaCava Brothers Fall River, MA car parts store, can help equipment owners to stay on top of repairs and replacements to prevent dangerous issues from occurring. For businesses that are located in the Westport, MA area, LaCava Brothers is located in Fall River, but provides hydraulic hose services and other professional services, all over the South Coast region, including Westport, New Bedford, Dartmouth and Providence, as well as the whole rest of the area.

There are a lot of things that can affect the life of hydraulic hoses, including:

  • operating the hydraulic system at a temperature that is above or below the maximum and minimum levels
  • allowing the hose to be exposed to surges in pressure above the maximum operating level
  • affecting the hose itself through pulling, crushing, twisting or kinking it
  • flexing the hose to less than the minimum bend radius
  • installing the hydraulic hoses in a way that goes against the manufacturer’s instruction for proper use

Contact LaCava Brothers for Hydraulics
If you are in the market for hydraulic hose services or if you are looking to purchase hydraulic hoses or any other parts at a local Westport auto parts store, look no further than LaCava Brothers Fall River, MA car parts and accessories. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 for hydraulic hose services or to find out about any of our other services. You can also stop by our South Coast location on Bedford Street in Fall River, MA. Check the website for hours of operation.

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