Tips for Fall Car Maintenance in Southeastern Massachusetts

Tips for Fall Car Maintenance in Southeastern Massachusetts

fall-maintenanceIt’s that time of year again in New England. The leaves start to fall, a chill hits the air – it’s time to do all of that annual maintenance that will help to prepare your car for the winter season. Whether you need to install new brake pads ahead of the rainy and snowy season or if you just need to do some mini maintenance with basic car parts and accessories, it is important to get on top of it before the good weather days are over. Cooler temperatures and shorter days can make it tempting to curl up at home and neglect the work, but you need to make it a point to visit LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River, MA to take care of these essential tasks.

Change the Blades
The first thing you should start thinking about is upgrading those old, worn out windshield wiper blades with some brand new ones. If you haven’t really looked around at wiper blades in awhile, you might be surprised to see that there are a lot of new options available that will provide you with even better performance and long-lasting durability. Stop by LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River, MA to look at our selection of blades and to speak with one of our team members about which type would be best for your vehicle. We also offer FREE wiper blade installations on the purchase of any PAIR of brand new blades, so make sure to take advantage of this complimentary service.

According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ANIASE), vehicle owners should put fresh wiper blades on every fall to replace the worn ones that were beat up by spring rains and summer sun. Wiper blades get used more in the South Coast area in the fall and winter, so it is important to be prepared.

Check the Tire
When was the last time you took a look at that spare tire in the trunk or under your vehicle? If you are like other car owners, chances are it was a long time ago. Check to make sure that it is properly inflated, as the air pressure changes drastically between summer heat and winter cold. Look over the tire to check for wear and tear, especially if the tire is stored under a truck or SUV, as it is exposed to more environmental hazards and weather. Make sure that there are no worn spots or areas that look like they might make the tire less than safe for driving. While a spare tire is just an emergency tire and not meant to be driven for a long distance, you still want to make sure that it is in good shape when you need it.

Top the Fluids
When you take your car in for an oil change or other servicing, chances are the fluids have have already been checked and topped off. However, if you do your own oil change at home with car parts and accessories purchased at the local auto parts in Fall River, MA, you will need to do this service yourself. Either way, it’s a good idea to build a habit of checking all the fluids in the fall to make sure you are ready for a surprise winter cold or storm to set in without warning. Antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, oil and brake fluid should be checked and replaced or topped off, as needed. Check for any leaks that might cause problems and, if you find any, bring it in for car maintenance in Southeastern Massachusetts as required.

Inspect the Electrical
The electrical parts of your vehicle include the battery, the lights and the fuses. A majority of electrical issues in a vehicle come from a corroded battery connection or a battery that is loose. Use a brush that you can buy at your local auto parts in Fall River, MA to clean away any corrosion that you find on the posts or cable connectors to the battery. Bring your battery in to LaCava Brothers for a FREE battery testing if you are concerned about the life of your battery or aren’t sure when it was changed last.

Take time to check all of the lights on the vehicle as, due to the time change and change of seasons, your commute will likely be in the dark, at least partially. Headlights, brake lights, emergency lights and turn signals should all be checked. Replacement bulbs and fuses are very affordable car parts and accessories, so they can be changed out quickly and easily as they are required. Headlights will cost a lot more, but you can save money by installing them yourself rather than taking them into the dealer or mechanic for work.

Trust LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River, MA
If you are in need of car parts and accessories for your vehicle or would like to learn more about performing your own seasonal car maintenance in Southeastern Massachusetts, come to LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River, MA. Our team of highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced crew members can help you with a wide variety of services and advice, including how to install new brake pads, upgrade wiper blades, change lights and fuses, clean batteries, check the battery for FREE – and much more. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 to learn more about our services or to schedule work to be done.

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