LaCava Bros in Fall River: How to Use a Diagnostic Scan Tool

LaCava Bros in Fall River: How to Use a Diagnostic Scan Tool

diagnostic-scan-toolOne of the best advancements to come to auto supply services in Fall River, MA in recent years is the diagnostic scan tool. Once a very expensive piece of equipment, it is now possible to get a diagnostic scan tool for under $100 and even less if you can get one on special at LaCava Auto Parts. While you can come into your favorite auto parts store for free battery testing in Fall River, anything more complex will require a diagnostic scan.

Having one of these handy can help save you a lot of money on a trip to the dealer or other local mechanic. Many of the problems discovered with a diagnostic scan tool can be taken care of at home with basic repairs. This can be extremely helpful just prior to a vehicle inspection or for a vehicle that has a “check engine light” or other notification light that keeps coming on. While you might not be able to handle all of the repairs yourself, at least you will have the peace of mind in knowing what is going on with your vehicle.

The More You Know
Once you purchase your diagnostic scan tool from LaCava Auto Parts and Auto Supply services in Fall River, MA, you will need to know how to properly use it. While the instructions that come with the tool will probably help you a lot, this guide is designed to help provide tips and support for anyone who wants to use an OBDII diagnostic scan tool.

Here are some facts to help get you started:

  • The OBDII replaced the OBDI in 1994
  • Use of the OBDII is industry-wide and mandated by the federal government
  • OBDI used to help consumers with older vehicles prior to 1994 diagnose problems at home just by counting the blinks on the check engine light

  • With the requirement of OBDII, a diagnostic scan tool is required to get the trouble codes you need to make repairs
  • The cost of getting a diagnostic test run on your vehicle will typically cost $100 or more, depending on the mechanic or dealer
  • Your vehicle will not pass an inspection if the check engine light remains on

How OBDII Works
A major improvement to OBDI, the OBDII light will only come on if there is a failure that will significantly affect the emissions of the vehicle. This is why no inspection station will pass your vehicle if the warning light is on. Even if you figure out what is wrong and make repairs using auto supply services in Fall River, MA, as long as that light remains on, you will not pass the inspection. The light will stay on for a certain number of on and off cycles in the ignition because it stays in the computer’s memory. Little things like not closing the gas cap correctly can trigger the light to come on and stay on, causing you to fail an inspection.

Another advantage of using a diagnostic scan tool is that you can use it to erase the warning light immediately so you can get your car through the inspection without having to wait for the light to go out and self-erase on its own once you fix the problem. Once you figure out what’s going on you can fix the problem and then erase the light so you can get back on track with the inspection and the daily use of your vehicle. The OBDII diagnostic scan tool can help you identify simple problems and it can also help point you in the direction of larger issues that may require the professional work of a trusted mechanic.

Some of the data that a scan tool from LaCava Auto Parts can read includes:

  • ignition timing
  • fuel injection calibrations
  • sensor readings for throttle position, oxygen, mass airflow, etc.
  • RPM or revolutions per minute
  • calculated load values

A diagnostic scan tool from your local auto supply services in Fall River, MA can help to reduce a lot of stress and worry until you are able to get your vehicle into the mechanic for a complete diagnostic and repair. Remember that you can also get free battery testing in Fall River at LaCava Auto Parts, which can prevent you from purchasing a new battery if you don’t need one or alert you to potential battery failure so you don’t get stuck somewhere with a bad battery.

Come to LaCava Auto Parts for the Performance Tool
Come visit your local auto supply services in Fall River, MA at LaCava Auto Parts to see our OBDII system diagnostic scan tool from Performance Tool. It works with most 1996 and later models including American, European and Asian vehicles. It reads and displays Diagnostic Trouble Codes for identification, turns off Malfunction Indicator Lamp and Check Engine Light, erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes and re-sets the OBDII system. It includes a user manual with the most current trouble codes. Visit LaCava Auto Parts or give us a call at 508-76-1951 to find out about this product and other in-store specials.

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