When to Install New Brake Pads and Get Rotor Turning Services

When to Install New Brake Pads and Get Rotor Turning Services

install-brake-padsIf you don’t know a lot about cars and trucks or the way that they work, it can be difficult to know how often you need to do preventative maintenance or make certain repairs. Fortunately, there are certain repairs and services that make it obvious to the car owner that they need to be done. Brakes are definitely one of those things that give you signs ahead of time that they need to be replaced or serviced. If you wait to replace them for too long, you won’t just have more expensive repairs on your hands, but you could also be risking your safety and the safety of those around you.

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How to Tell When Brake Pads Need Replacing
While you don’t want to spend money that you don’t have on replacing things that don’t need to be replaced, it is important to install new brake pads when they need to be replaced. Fortunately, brake pads have a built in indicator that they need to be replaced. If you start hearing noises when you apply the brakes, it’s time to get them checked. Ignoring the screeching sounds that you hear when you tap on the brakes will not only affect the safety of you, your passengers and your vehicle, but it could also cost you a lot more if you continue using them when the pads have worn down.

Brake pads only make noises when they become worn. You will hear a very distinct noise that indicates that they need to be replaced or at least checked. You can bring your vehicle into LaCava Brothers Auto Supply, the top Fall River, MA car parts and services center, to have your brakes checked. Our technicians will tell you if you need to install new brake pads or if more extensive work is required. We also offer rotor turning services, which should be done every time you install new brake pads on your vehicle, to help increase the life of your rotors, saving you money and keeping you safe in the long run.

Some of the noises that you should keep an ear out for when driving include:

  • screeching or squealing noises that don’t stop when you release the brake pedal
  • grinding or grumbling noises that sound when you are braking
  • pulsing sensations when braking, which can also cause the steering wheel to vibrate

In addition to indicating that you need to install new brake pads, some of these noises, such as the grinding or grumbling, can also indicate that you might need to get rotor turning services or have your rotors replaced. This can happen if you ignore the screeching sound too long or if your rotors are already very old and worn.

What Causes the Noises?
The noises that you hear come from different things that are happening within the brake system area. This is why it is important to bring your vehicle in to get checked right away whenever you hear any noises while braking. A metal on metal situation can occur when the brake pads wear too thin. Unfortunately, when metal grinds on metal, it can cause the rotors to wear down. If the rotor or caliper is damaged, it is definitely a sign that the pads have been worn down. The caliper is one of the most important elements in a braking system because it works as the clamp against the rotor when the brakes are applied. This is where the brake pads are positioned to help slow down your vehicle when you hit the brakes.

The screeching sound comes when a metal tab that is fastened to the pad assembly itself is accessed after the brake pads wear down or thin out over time. The tab will rub against the rotor, causing the squealing noise to sound when the brakes are applied. This is the indicator to the car owner that it is time to install new brake pads. Ignoring this will just cause the brake pads to wear down even more, cause the indicator tab to be worn down and for the metal on metal situation of caliper against rotor to occur, further damaging your braking system and ultimately costing you money. While it might not always be convenient to install new brake pads and get rotor turning services immediately after hearing that first screech or squeak, it is the best way to keep your vehicle operating safely and to save money in the long run.

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