Hydraulic Hose Services: Preventive Maintenance in Fall River

Hydraulic Hose Services: Preventive Maintenance in Fall River

hydraulic-hose-servicesThe goal of getting hydraulic hose services is to prevent actual failure of hydraulic hoses. Failure never happens at a good time and it never happens at a convenient time. To avoid dangerous consequences, it is important to learn how to check your hydraulic hoses and get them serviced and replaced as needed. Your hydraulic system can be negatively impacted by a number of outside influences, including natural contamination due to particulate matter that is already present in the hydraulic fluid before it is filtered. This type of contamination can come during the actual production and packaging, as well as during transportation.

Other types of contamination can also occur, such as contamination from the manufacturing and assembly process of the equipment. This includes fibers, paints, sand, weld splatters and other types of debris. In addition, there are other things that can contaminate your hydraulic hoses and fluids, including abrasions, corrosion, erosion and fatigue due to contact between moving parts. To combat many of these issues, it is important to choose top quality hydraulic hoses, couplings and fluid for long-lasting performance. LaCava Brothers Auto Supply only uses Gates hydraulic hoses, a trusted brand in America since 1911.

Preventing Contamination Through Servicing
Some of the ways that people attempt to reduce the amount of contamination that could cause wear and tear on hydraulic hoses is to frequently drain and change the fluid or use a top quality filter to pull out the particles that could lead to failure. However, frequently draining and changing hydraulic fluid can negatively impact productivity by reducing the amount of time that the machinery is actual usable. Paying close attention to the filters that are used within the hydraulic system is the most effective solution.

When you visit LaCava Auto Parts, where we sell top quality automotive parts and service in Fall River, you can speak with one of our customer service agents about which filters and other products would be best for your particular situation. The Gates hydraulic hoses that we sell to our customers are far superior than other hoses made by other manufacturers. We have complete confidence in the quality of these hoses, which is why we only sell Gates brand hoses and we only use Gates brand hoses in our professional hydraulic hose services.

Diagnosing Contamination in Hydraulic Hoses
Regardless of how many efforts you make to prevent contamination, it will happen eventually to your hydraulic system. You will begin to notice the effects of the contamination through sticking valves, lags and sloppiness within the machinery itself. Chances are your technicians or machine operators who are familiar with how the machines should operate will notice this first. It is important to quickly identify problems like this right away to prevent a dangerous failure of hydraulic hoses. Diagnostic tools should be incorporated into your preventative maintenance program through the help of automotive parts and services in Fall River.

Digital pressure recorders can help to measure any spikes or drops in pressure during a shift. Some are simple “plug and play” type recorders that can even provide you with data over a period of time, while others are more sophisticated and complex, designed to measure a wide range of data points, including pressure, temperature, rotational rate and flow. The information can be used to help you identify maintenance or repairs that are required in advance to prevent failure of hydraulic hoses and systems. LaCava Auto Parts offers a wide range of pressure ranges, abrasion resistance and all our hoses are built with long-lasting high performance applications in mind.

Regular Inspections of Hydraulic System
In addition to preventative maintenance and purchasing top quality hoses and fluids from your local automotive parts and services in Fall River, it is important to regularly inspect your hydraulic system and hydraulic hoses to prevent failure. Inspections should always be part of your hydraulic hose services, to ensure that while you may be replacing one hose, you aren’t overlooking another that is about to fail as well. Every operator within your facility should be inspecting hoses prior to the start of the work day. A checklist of items should be gone over before every shift and at the end of every shift, to prevent dangerous failures.

Some of the things that should be inspected on a daily basis include:

  • hydraulic hose assemblies – check for leaks, kinked or crushed hoses and lose covers
  • hard lines – look for any leaks at connection points or signs of fatigue and cracking
  • cylinders – check for pitting or areas of accumulated hydraulic fluid
  • filters – some brands have visual indicators that show proper operation, check for clogs and replace filters immediately to avoid failure
  • odors – strong or heat-related odors can indicate unsafe temperatures
  • leaks – if you see ANY leaks, regardless of the size, employ hydraulic hose services immediately

Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Hose Services and More
If you work with machinery or vehicles that rely on a hydraulic system, come to LaCava Auto Parts for the very best in Gates hydraulic hoses and MegaCrimp couplings, which offer 500 percent more corrosion resistance than other brands. Our highly trained and skilled team of technicians can help you with a variety of hydraulic hose services, while our customer service agents can help you with all of the automotive parts and services in Fall River that you will need to keep your hydraulic system in proper working order. Call today at 508-676-1951 and find out why so many have trusted LaCava Auto Parts for over 70 years!

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