Top Issues Experienced by Car Owners with Windshield Wipers

Top Issues Experienced by Car Owners with Windshield Wipers

windshield-wipersOne of the most overlooked parts on a vehicle are the windshield wipers. As car owners, we don’t think about them until we need them, and by then it’s often too late. While windshield wipers are totally taken for granted, they become extremely important as soon as the first downpour of the season hits or when we need to remove those annoying little snow flurries from the glass. This article will feature tips on the top issues that Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island car owners face with regard to windshield wipers. You can get all the supplies you need to maintain and repair your wipers at LaCava Auto Parts. We are a local auto supply in Fall River that provides a wide variety of parts, services and repairs.


It doesn’t do you any good to use your windshield wipers if all they are doing is smudging and smearing across your window. In fact, this can be a safety issue and it needs to be taken care of right away. This effect can be caused by blades that are worn out, a windshield or a blade that is dirty and it can even be caused by cheap windshield wiper fluid that can’t get the job done. If your blades are only smearing in one direction, it could also mean that one or both of your current blades is the wrong size.

Start by taking a look at your blades to check for wear and tear. If everything looks good, lift them up to check for anything that might be causing the smudging and smearing, such as dead bugs, leaves or other types of debris. Clean your wiper blades with soap and water and try it again. If the window does not clear up after using fluid, you might have a bad cleaning fluid in there that is unable to keep your windshield clean and clear.

If you do need to replace your wiper blades, bring your vehicle to LaCava Auto Parts, your South Coast auto supply and services center. We will provide you with a free wiper blade installation with every purchase of a brand new pair of wiper blades at our local Dartmouth area auto parts store in Fall River, MA. We will remove your old blades and install the new ones totally free of charge.


There are some situations where water beads will actually stay on your windshield instead of wiping away with the wipers. You could invest some money into getting one of those windshield treatments at your local auto supply in Fall River. They cause the water to bead up and then roll off your window. Unfortunately, water beads that won’t go away can get in the way of your driving and become a safety issue.

The culprit behind stubborn water beads is usually pollution. When you drive in big cities or areas where there is a lot of construction or industrial plants, you can sometimes see this happen. Grime and residue from not keeping your vehicle clean or build-up during the winter season can also sometimes cause those stubborn water beads to stay put. Follow the directions for windshield treatments very carefully, making sure to really clean the glass with a good quality glass cleaner before you put it on for best results.

LaCava Auto Parts has a wide variety of treatments, windshield wiper fluid and top quality windshield wipers available at our Dartmouth area auto parts store. Stop by to see all of the parts, tools, fluids and options available at our South Coast auto supply and services center. Not sure what you need? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help!


In a best case scenario you will likely hear a little bit of noise from the windshield wipers as they move back and forth across the glass. However, noisy wipers can be a real distraction and can quickly become annoying and obnoxious. Noisy wipers usually mean that the wiper blade is skipping across the window, which can also cause streaks, smudges and other marks that can interfere with your visibility and driving.

In many cases, the cause of noisy wipers is simply due to a build-up of wax, grease or oil, which could come from heavy driving in poor conditions – puddles with greasy substances splashing up on your windshield – or over spray from cleaning fluids and polishes. Cleaning your window with a high quality window cleaner can really help. It is also helpful to clean or replace your wiper blades to remove the build-up from there as well.

Worst case scenario, the other reasons for noisy wipers can be a bent arm on the wiper itself or frozen blades in winter. Check it out and see if you need to go to the auto supply in Fall River for a replacement. At LaCava Auto Parts, we have everything you could ever need to fix, maintain, clean or replace your wiper blades – and remember, we will install your new wiper blades for you as well, FREE of charge!

Just stop by LaCava Brothers, your South Coast auto supply and services center at our Fall River location on Bedford Street. You can also call us at 508-676-1951 for information on store hours, parts and services. Call today or stop by and find out why LaCava Brothers Auto Supply has been a trusted resource for vehicle owners in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 70 years!

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