Preventative Maintenance of Hydraulic Hoses in Westport, MA

Preventative Maintenance of Hydraulic Hoses in Westport, MA

hydraulic-hose-maintenanceLaCava Brothers auto parts store provides a wide variety of professional quality parts and services to our customers throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area. We have over 70 years of experience working with our local customers, providing everything from Fall River, MA car parts to hydraulic hoses in Westport, our customer service and the repair or installation services we provide are top notch. We stand behind our work and we only use top of the line parts, especially when it comes to hydraulic hoses. In fact, we only carry Gates brand hydraulic hoses, the most trusted and reliable brand in the USA since 1911.

How to Choose the Right Hose
If you are in the market to replace hydraulic hoses in Westport or anywhere in the surrounding area, it is important to know what to look for in a good product. While Gates brand hydraulic hoses are among the most trusted and reliable in the business, you still need to know details, such as working pressure, fluids, sizing and other important aspects of your current hydraulic hoses before you contact LaCava Brothers to order something new. The more time you take ahead of time to learn about what you need or what your equipment requires, the faster you will be able to place your order at the local auto parts store and get back to work when something breaks.

  • FLUIDS – It is important to choose a hose that will be compatible with the fluids that are used within the machine to avoid breakdowns and other related problems with function. On that note, the viscosity of the fluid must be matched to the operating temperature of the machine and hoses to maximize the life of the parts.
  • PRESSURE – A term that you need to know with regard to hydraulic hoses is “working pressure.” This term is used to determine whether or not the hoses that you are choosing will be suitable for the pressure that is used by the piece of equipment while it is working.
  • SIZING – With any type of Fall River, MA car parts, making sure you have the right part number or size of part is essential to the success of your repair. Make sure you have the right size of hydraulic hose to avoid friction on the inner surface of the hose, which can reduce the rate of flow and cause the hose to wear out and break down more quickly without warning.

Regular Maintenance is Important
There’s nothing quite like having your hydraulic hoses go out in the middle of a big job when everything is stressful and you are crunched for time. LaCava Brothers carries a wide variety of hydraulic hoses at our auto parts store, providing services to customers throughout the South Coast, including hydraulic hoses in Westport, New Bedford, Dartmouth and the surrounding area. Taking good care of your hoses and providing regular preventative maintenance can increase the life of the products, improve overall performance, reduce safety risks associated with a leaking or blown hydraulic hose and help to cut downtime associated with waiting for replacements or repairs.

It is a good idea to learn how to perform your own daily inspections before using your equipment. Check the hydraulic hoses for any signs of wear and tear. This includes cracks, bubbles, blisters and peeling. If you can spot these signs ahead of time, you will be able to get the hydraulic hose replacements from LaCava Brothers auto parts store before you experience a dangerous hose failure. Make sure to also check all of the adapters and fittings. They can wear down and harden over time, especially with regular usage. When you begin to see wear and tear, it’s time to prepare for replacement. Things like pressure, temperature, fluid types and usage can all affect how long your hydraulic hoses will last before they need to be replaced.

Professional inspections should be provided to ensure proper safety measures are in place. In fact, businesses should have hydraulic hoses inspected by a licensed and certified technician every six months. More frequent inspections may be required for hoses that are used in more extreme conditions. Contact LaCava Brothers by calling 508-676-1951 to find out more about our hydraulic hoses and other Fall River, MA car parts and accessories.

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